First off I would like to lay a few foundational things. One is, what do I mean when I say ‘environment’? It’s a pretty broad word and it can mean a lot of things. Generally speaking, when I use it I am talking about the world God made. Plants, animals, rocks, air, seas, sky, sun, moon, stars, what have you.

Second, I want to state for the record that I believe that God created the environment. I could care less if he did it in six days or six gazillion years, the only thing that is important to me is that he made it. And he made you and me. Since he made it and us, I think it’s clear that he means for us to interact with and relate to the environment.

Third, I am going to presume that God cares about the things he makes very much, and therefore he cares about the environment and he cares about us. I would also like to present the assumption that he cares whether we care about the environment and about each other, and for that matter, about him.