We went camping on our property this weekend. The weather was typical for an Arizona spring: highly unpredictable. After a week with highs in the low 80s, it snowed on us and got really cold Sunday so we had to come back to Tucson early (we had planned on staying through to Monday). But Saturday was fun… we had friends and a fire and s’mores, and we saw our first sunset (stunning!) and our first starry night (equally stunning!).

We were able to test out our latest project: the Potty House—christened so by our two-year-old. We built it in pieces at home out of salvaged lumber (total cost less than $200). Wifey’s dad and I took it to the land and put it up Friday. It worked extremely well, even with twelve people using it!

Potty House

The Potty House, by the way, is a sawdust toilet. It is not a pit privy, and no it does not smell or look bad when you lift the lid… it looks and smells like fresh pine sawdust. All deposits are composted into safe fertilizer in a separate compost bin (which does not smell or look bad either). It does a great job of taking what is often considered waste and turning it into a useful resource.

Wifey’s comment to her skeptical mom: “We’re saving the planet, one poop at a time!”

For more information about sawdust toilets and how they work, check out the Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins.