April 2008

Had lunch with Pastor E today. We talked about saving the world. About how we probably can’t, and that isn’t much the point anyway. (more…)

I had a good conversation last night with a friend. We talked about trailers. Well, mobile homes to be exact. During our conversation I realized that I had feelings about trailers. I feel sad that they are considered an acceptable place to live when really, they aren’t. (more…)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of trees to plant around our new house. The high desert is a tough place for trees and we will be asking a lot of ours, so I am quite excited about having found some good prospects. (more…)

Our house is going to demonstrate a lot of sustainable systems and is designed to be affordable. Apparently there is a major perception out there that green homes are only for people with deep pockets: after all, to have a green home you need low-e windows, Energy Star appliances, and solar panels, right? While those things are helpful, being green means having a light footprint on the earth… that comes from simplicity and smallness more than anything. (more…)