We’re back! We had a good time while we were away. It wasn’t the best vacation ever considering the mixed circumstances (and the fact that City of Rocks was so windy it forced us to break camp and head for the lodge a day early), but it was very worthwhile.

Staying at the Black Range Lodge was nice. We would recommend it. Very kid-friendly, quiet, and reasonably-priced. The fact that it was operated by a couple well-connected bale enthusiasts and next door to LanderLand was a definite plus for us. It was good that we didn’t get to submit our home plans to the county before we left. After talking to our hosts, meeting Tom and Satomi Lander, and benefiting from the extensive green-building library at the Lodge we found a few things we’d like to change.

We hope to go back to attend a straw bale workshop with the Landers in August and stay at the Lodge.

We really enjoyed touring LanderLand. If you can’t make it in person, you can tour it online. Tom and Satomi have created a beautiful, expressive, and inspiring place.