July 2008

Homestead in late July, 2008

Homestead in late July, 2008

Here is how the homestead looks in July. It is amazing how the monsoon rains, in a matter of weeks, have turned a dry, thorny moonscape into a thriving, lush scrub of mesquite, acacia, tall grass, and wildflowers.

I’ve started working on the trim for the pumphouse. When that is finished we will be ready to paint.

This past weekend was the biggest thunderstorm of the season… residual from Dolly. I was thankful for that because the driving rain showed me where all the leaks were, around two windows and the door. I was able to beef up the flashing before I put on the trim, so now it shouldn’t leak.

In the photo you can see most of what is left to do: trimming off some extra material, adding trim around the east gable window, adding some other trim on the walls and corners to cover plywood seams and create a board-and-batten look, painting, and adding the metal roof. I also intend to add gutters and a rainwater storage tank.

I slept in the loft for the first time this past weekend. It needs a mattress. The coolness factor doesn’t quite overcome the fact that sleeping on a plywood floor is about like, well, sleeping on a board. Ow.


I spent the 3rd and 4th of July working on the pumphouse roof. Dennis and Matthew came to help again and as usual were lifesavers! (more…)