I love Freecycle. It is pure genius. It’s a de-stuffer’s dream. It is so much fun to offer things to the list and see how many people want what you really want to get rid of. It’s also a great way to score really useful stuff for, well, free.

Here are some of the things we’ve picked up:

  • A 10-year-old steel swing set. A little rusty and missing a couple parts. A trip to the hardware store for some spray enamel and a few replacement parts, and we’ll have a like-new steel swing set. We’ll put it on the homestead so the wee ones can have a place to play safely away from construction areas and prickly critters.
  • Vinyl siding. Carefully removed from the garage of the original owner. Soon to grace two, possibly three walls of the shed.
  • T-111 sheets, warped and not in particularly good condition, but could be useful to build a box for a solar water heater.
  • Macintosh keyboard, which makes using our Mac Mini a heck of a lot easier than with a PC keyboard.

You’ve gotta watch the list closely and be quick, because most of the really useful stuff gets snatched up right away. We’ve been looking for a queen mattress to put in the pumphouse loft, but so far we haven’t caught them when they come up.

I put together a wish list. I realized that many of the things I want to build or do to make the homestead more homey are things that often get thrown away or are leftovers from construction projects. So the list will help us to remember to look out for things. Check it out, maybe you just happen to have something we’re looking for buried in your shed or garage.