April 2009

Garden in April, 2009

Garden in April, 2009

We planted a summer garden this year. Most of the planting happened in March; we took some pictures a week or so ago and here they are.

In the main raised bed we planted corn, bush beans, and cucumbers. A few small chilie seedlings are in pots inside; they are ready to be transplanted to larger containers.


We submitted our cabin plans and of course they got kicked back for corrections. Most of the corrections are minor. Most of them. One isn’t.

Short story: The foundation requires engineering.

Long story: Pima County, where we are building was the first county in the U.S. to adopt a straw bale building code amendment. It outlines the rules for building a house out of straw bales. If you follow the rules, you can get a permit and build a house and you don’t need an architect or an engineer. (more…)

To add some excitement to life, it seems God has decided it is time for us to grow our family. I am now the proud father of a four-week-old baby boy! Before becoming a dad, I thought sleepless nights were just for architecture school…

We haven’t settled on a full name yet, but we have decided on Ian as his Christian name. It is the Gaelic form of John, which in Hebrew means “Gift of God”. And that’s certainly what he is.

Cabin, east elevation

Cabin, east elevation

Two and a half months since last post. Lots going on in city life, but that means less going on in the country.

Today we submitted our final drawings to the county for approval. Hopefully the corrections will be minor and we will have our permit within a week or two!

Incidentally, the plans we submitted are quite a bit different than the ones described on this site, so I have some updating to do. We are building a one-room cabin for weekend use to start. The bedrooms will come later, when we have more money and time.

After so many hours drawing at the computer, it is a relief to have this stage wrapping up. Now the task becomes figuring out how to manage a construction project, in which I am both foreman and laborer, that’s an hour away from home…while working a full-time job and being a good (involved and present) husband and father.