Garden in April, 2009

Garden in April, 2009

We planted a summer garden this year. Most of the planting happened in March; we took some pictures a week or so ago and here they are.

In the main raised bed we planted corn, bush beans, and cucumbers. A few small chilie seedlings are in pots inside; they are ready to be transplanted to larger containers.

We already have three young chilies in pots on the east side of the garden, plus a Mexican grey squash vine (bush variety) in the ground. We have two mature Hatch chilies on the west, started from seeds that came out of store-bought chilies. With the Hatch chilies we have three tomato vines, last year’s eggplant, and last year’s cayenne. The cayenne volunteered from a previous plant that dropped some dried chilies in the pot; this plant is larger and more vigorous than the parent.

We’ve also got basil and thyme going here, and some other herbs in another location.

Grape vine from cutting

Grape vine from cutting

Here is one of the grape vines I started from a cutting, and it is growing faster and with more vigor than any other grapevine in the yard.

The garden is a lot of fun this summer. We learned a few more things (we’re city dwellers with no background in gardening so we have a LOT to learn). Namely, compost is awesome. Mix it 50-50 with native soil and plants really like it. It’s much better than stuff you buy at a home store or nursery.

Also, we’ve been much more generous with water this year, and we’ve been fertilizing regularly. It’s paying off. Larger produce and more of it, and much healthier plants.

The heat is coming soon, so we expect our fruit production to slow down some. Except for the cucumbers and squash, provided the dread squash vine borer doesn’t show up to crash the party.

So far so good! We’ve already harvested some cayenne peppers and beans, and we’re looking forward to fresh eggplant, chilies, tomatoes, beans, squash, and corn! I am especially fond of chilies…