After five years, it just keeps getting better.

After five years, it just keeps getting better.

Wifey and I celebrated five wonderful years of marriage this weekend. Well, actually we celebrated on a trip to Rocky Point at the end of April, but we did get a date night out on our anniversary too! We went to Zemam’s (one of our favorites) and there shared our highs and lows of marriage.

Our highs were basically those times when we could get away by ourselves and really enjoy each other. And when we welcomed our daughter LE, now 2, into our family. And when we welcomed our son Ian just two weeks ago.

Our lows, well, those centered around a painful, heartbreaking loss we experienced last year (if you know us you’ll know what we mean). More recently, I suspect our lows have a lot to do with sleep deprivation.

The past five years have been a blessing and I am very thankful for them. I have the best wife ever, and my kids have the best mom ever. Here’s to the next five, and the next fifty after that!