If you’ve been following this blog for a while, this might come as a bit of a shocker.

We aren’t going to build our homestead in Benson after all.

At least not for a while. A while being like ten years or more.

It was a really hard decision to make. We’ve invested a lot already and it’s hard to switch paths in the middle. And we were this close (visualize my thumb and index finger almost touching) to getting a building permit. But we know sticking around our home in Tucson is the right thing to do.

Through our kids and other circumstances, it’s clear to us that we need to stay in our current local community. Our community, particularly the Village, offers us a lot of much-needed support. And we believe God is asking us to offer ourselves to both our nuclear and broader communities. (Pastor E even challenged the entire congregation to consider putting down roots here.)

We always figured we’d build a community wherever we went, but the reality is that we really want to raise our children where we are now. So we’re sticking around midtown Tucson.

We are still committed to getting mortgage-free (one of the reasons we wanted to build our own house was to accomplish this). It’s harder to do that around here but perhaps not so hard as we once thought.

What of the homestead? We have no plans to sell our property. We have no plans for it at all, at the moment. I’ll continue to make monthly trips to check on it. The “pumphouse” would make a nice artist or meditation studio if anyone’s interested.

It’s easy to kick ourselves or wonder why we invested so much in something that ultimately wasn’t the direction God was calling us to go. Except when we remind ourselves that we bought our property and started down the homesteading path with prayer. God is so funny; he leads us on such winding paths. All along the way we are wondering “Ok God, what are you doing now?” The way is confusing, often nonsensical, and somehow it always turns out to be good.

We’re looking forward to finding out how this change in direction turns out to be good!