Last week was rather eventful. There were three major crises, one after another.

Crisis #1: Baby Ian has been in and out of doctors’ offices while we try to diagnose his tummy issues. He has been in a lot of discomfort and pain. We think we’ve figured it out, though, that it’s severe acid reflux. So the doctors have prescribed a variety of medications to help keep things flowing smoothly and relatively painlessly.

Crisis #2: Just as we were beginning to resolve Ian’s medical problems, Wifey got the call for her outpatient surgery. So she went in on Friday. It went well and she’s doing fine now, but the timing wasn’t ideal. We had arranged respite care for Ian but our respite provider came down with the flu, so I had to pick him up before mommy’s recovery was over.

Crisis #3: As we were heading out the door Saturday morning for another of Ian’s doctor visits, our 12-year-old kitty, Spaz, practically knocked me over trying to get inside. It took me a minute to realize he wasn’t moving his hind legs. Apparently he had been hit by a car. I had to take him and LE to the emergency vet while Andrea took Ian to his appointment. Spaz had a fractured pelvis, a fairly typical injury for an auto accident. Surgery was recommended but would cost over $3000, and as much as we love our kitty we can’t justify that let alone afford it. He has a very good chance to recover on his own, so we got kitty pain meds and a pet crate. He will remain in the crate (with a few outings for lap time) for the next eight weeks while he heals up.

Things are a little more settled now. Ian is feeling much better, mommy is feeling much better (though still sleep-deprived), and Spaz is pooping (which is a great thing if you are a geriatric cat with a fractured pelvis).