Dual-bevel sliding miter saw

Yeah, baby!

Ever since we borrowed a miter saw to build our deck a couple years ago, I have been quietly pining away for one. Specifically a Makita LS1013 dual-bevel slider. It can cross-cut a 4×12, weighs only 46 pounds so one could conceive of it as “portable”, and is legendary for its accuracy and smooth action. It’s a really nice saw. It also costs at least $500, which is far more than I could imagine spending on a single tool.

Well, Makita decided to retire the LS1013 and replace it with a new model. I discovered this on a routine shopping trip to the Home Depot, where I saw they had been marked down to $299. They had an open box left, and the display model. I thought, “Gee, it’s almost affordable, but still more money than I have. And it’s big, so where would I put it?” I let it go.

Today I went back, suffering from non-buyer’s remorse since $200 off is a sweet deal and I had almost enough in Christmas gift cards to spend on tools. I really didn’t expect to see anything left. But lo, there was the display model sitting lonely on the bench, marked down to $199, and it called to me. It was missing a few parts, namely the vertical clamp, side supports, work lamp, and safety button. It also looked used since, well, it’s the one that everyone messes with at the store. But a good used one is more than $199, and it turns out the replacement parts aren’t that expensive and the only really necessary one is the safety button on the trigger ($1.50).

So I sprang for it. Now I can cross-cut a 4×12! Yay! Not that I have the need to cross-cut a 4×12 right now, mind you, but I could if I wanted to and that’s important. 🙂

I think my first task for it will be to build its own stand.

UPDATE: So I got the replacement parts installed and it works flawlessly! The blade is amazing. It cuts hardwood smooth as glass.