So I haven’t posted for a while; thought I’d just put something up so the blog doesn’t look abandoned or something.

So what’s happened in the last month or so? A bunch of projects, among other things.

Since this blog is mostly about projects and such, here’s a summary:

  • I made good on building my Christmas present a stand. I used a salvaged plywood pallet for the top, some 2x4s, and a lot of screws. And I bought some casters so I can wheel it in and out of the shed.
  • I hung a lovely pine 10-lite interior door between our kitchen and Arizona room. I had to construct my own door frame and trim the door down to an odd size. It was a challenge and a story in itself, but the results are worth it.
  • I built a pair of sturdy sawhorses out of 2x4s (my other sawhorses are at our property in Benson, so they were no help at all).
  • I swapped out our old, over-sized, energy-hogging room air conditioner with a right-sized Energy Star unit. While the old one would quickly turn the room into an icebox, it had no thermostat and was loud with the sound of our money being sucked from our wallets and out through the exhaust. So we never ran it. The new one raised our electric bill a jaw-dropping six dollars!
  • I rebuilt our Windows computer, which had contracted a rather nasty variant of the windowsclick trojan. That was a pain in the arse.
  • I started the process of cleaning out our shed to use part of it as a woodshop.
  • To have a place to store our camping gear outside the shed, I am constructing a 2’x4’x8′ cabinet under the shed’s patio cover. I’m using mostly materials on-hand so it should be pretty cheap.
  • I put casters on an old workbench made of scrap materials, and now it serves as a stand for my el-cheapo table saw.

Pictures and more details on some of these projects forthcoming…